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"Unity and Power"

from RISK Magazine

By Clive Davidson, Contributing Editor

The article is an overview of the trends shaping derivatives technology. It considers the merits of the Windows NT platform versus the Unix platform, and compares Java to C++, the current de facto programming language for derivatives software. It also discusses the impact of the euro, the year 2000 date problem, the evolving internet and intranet technologies, the consolidation of disparate systems, and cross product integration.

The author solicits opinions regarding industry trends from providers of enterprise-wide risk management systems, as well as from suppliers of niche software such as Savvysoft. Rich Tanenbaum is asked to comment on the trend towards the integration of software from large system vendors and more specialized analytics providers: "Its nice to see the big players take notice of something traders have known all along: that the quickest way to get a new product to market is by empowering the end user. Fifteen years ago, it led to the PC revolution. Now the financial software market is primed for the same big bang."





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