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Excel-based Portfolio Management System

Savvysoft TOPS-Book
TOPS-Book is a full-featured derivatives portfolio management system that combines the flexibility of Excel with the power and security of an industrial-strength database.

Rather than bolting an Excel module onto a standalone system as is commonly done, TOPS-Book is a native Excel workbook with a full set of code to automate every aspect of portfolio analysis. But Excel's biggest limitations are removed, because security, market and trade data are all stored in a secure SQL Server database that interfaces with Excel seamlessly.

The combination of Excel with a secure database designed for complex derivatives transactions represents a perfect synergy, so that the whole is truly greater than the sum of the parts. For example, generated reports aren't just numbers printed inside a document, they are spreadsheet cells with formulas that can be manipulated and massaged, sorted, filtered, charted and analyzed in any way the user wants, using the familiar commands of Excel.

TOPS-Book offers a full complement of reports: portfolio value, Greeks, VaR, scenario analysis, cashflows, documentation needs, and even printing of confirms. These reports can be based on current or historical data. TOPS-Book is also a multi-user client/server system, with a security model to ensure unauthorized users don't have access to the system.

TOPS-Book also allows users to create customized interfaces for any complex derivatives instrument using the spreadsheet interface, which has stood the test of time as the most natural way to work with numbers and data. To create an input screen for a new instrument, the user simply builds a template with any look and feel that they desire. This way, TOPS-Book can quickly handle any instrument.

Savvysoft's pricing and valuation models (and even those from competing vendors) are simple to integrate with TOPS-Book, as well, since TOPS-Book lets you use any Excel addin function as a model.

TOPS-Book is a uniquely compact system that is surprisingly powerful, and surprisingly inexpensive. Please contact us to discuss how TOPS-Book can help you.

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